Speed Up First Time Customer Data Entry

EasyAddPlus provides a seamless and efficient solution for first-time customer data entry. With just a scan and a few keystrokes, customer information can be quickly and accurately entered into your database.

Capture, Store, & Transfer Data

With a single scan, capture all the data on an individual’s driver license and/or ID card. The data is then temporarily stored on your copy of our app to be transferred to your systems.

You Decide What Information Is Important

EasyAddPlus offers a customized approach to gathering information from driver licenses and/or ID cards. We understand that every business has unique requirements, and we provide the flexibility for you to decide the specific information you need.

Assign Your Own Hotkeys

EasyAddPlus lets you assign important information to a hotkey of your choice using CTL + 1-0 or ALT + 1-0.

View Your Last Scan

If you are struggling to recall whether you have entered the most recent customer’s information, don’t worry! With EasyAddPlus simply select the last scan option and the previous scan will be displayed. Please note that data is only stored temporarily on this application. After a period of 15 minutes of inactivity, the data will be removed automatically. Similarly, the previous data entry will be eliminated when a new scan occurs.